FUNNY BUNNY by Alison Bagnal

An awkward, reclusive, unusual young man with a wealth of trust fund money strikes up a friend with a hapless anti-obesity crusader who comes knocking on his door for donations. This strange new friendship is threatened by the arrival of a quiet, withdrawn animal rights activist named Ginger, as the two soon find themselves vying for her affection in this weird and whimsical comedy.

Starring:  Kentucker Audley, Olly Alexander and Joslyn Jensen.


JACKRABBIT by Carelton Ranney

When a friend's suicide leaves behind a mysterious computer drive, a fringe hacker and a young computer technician come together to decipher the message left in his wake.

Starring:  Josh Caras, Ian Christopher Noel, Reed Birney and Joslyn Jensen.



DRIFTWOOD by Paul Taylor

A young woman washes ashore and is claimed by an older man.

Starring:  Joslyn Jensen, Paul C. Kelly and Michael Fentin.